SAC - Student Activity CENTRE

SAC creates a joyful and rightful engagement of the proactive and highly energetic student communities channelizing their energies for a cause.

As it automatically enhances the innate love of the students towards their educational institution and creates a sense of responsibility and ownership towards the amenities, fraternity of the institution and the institution itself.

Our Vision

SAC creates an environment where the students productively and proactively engages with likeminded thoughts for a visionary purpose impacting self, family, institution fraternity and society at large. It also enhances the learning and Living experience in the institution by interfacing various elite initiatives, institutions, individuals, interactions like UNO, United Nation (International Institutions of Prominence), Central and State government agencies, Corporate companies, expanding and creating an experience of broad horizons of wisdom with a deep glimpse of broad world.

  • To Create Creative educational Institutions.
  • To enhance learning and living experience in institutions.